Event #3: Poster & programme

LIVE Transmissions: Critical conversations about crafting,
performing & making

11-14th June 2014

LIVE Transmission was a series of critical and creative events curated across a week in June (11-14th) designed to explore how we transmit and entangle social worlds through new forms of description. It included a sewing workshop, public talks, symposium, performance and public exhibition and even a bike ride around London. 

Participants discussed hands-on, object oriented and embodied means of knowing and explored the challenges and possibilities of unlocking new expressions of the social. Our aim was to invite new ways to re-think and re-imagine how we might inhabit our research using new practices, materials, sites or forms and debate what LIVE Transmission has to offer new modes of storytelling. 

This event was curated by Kat Jungnickel for the ‘Transmissions & Entanglements’ project with support from Intel and the Economic and Social Research Council.